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  1. Plessis owl can you post bigger pictures of that bow or maybe can send them to my e-mail? This is japanes bow. One of yumi types. Yumi in japanese is same as arc in french or bow in english. It doesn't say what type of bow but means bow.
  2. I think that back cracked because belly is too big. Maybe you can remove hickory and glue other piece of wood ash for example.
  3. The other 2 lines are form of used bow. The black line is "vergin" yumi.
  4. Good shape of yumi is this black line. It is Don Symerski yumi. You can find it ad krackow.com. Main problem is dimensions of crossection.
  5. Did you recived instruction book with this kit? Can you sand me a photos of that instruction book? Please??? I am going to make Enlish LongBow for my first bow but I need dimension of real ELB. I am not going to destroy good piece of wood. I have EKOLOGIC MIND. :hypo: I saw that Pip Bickerstaffe mesured MARY ROSE bows and I think that he know dimension of real war ELB. I need few dimension and crossection :38: :pleure: I am searching internet 2 years to find that kind of information. I will quicker find MATRIX than that dimensions.
  6. What is price of that chinese bow? How strong it is?
  7. Than you for picture!!!! Merci!!!!!!!!!!!!! :07:
  8. Beautiful bow. How old it is? Can you post some more siyah details? I need picture of full siyah (like 3rd picture from top of this post but with longer limb part). I am going to make a project of this bow.
  9. I don't know what to do next. I think to go in forest and get some ash wood. My intention is to make this crossbow from two pieces of wood. In that way it is easier to carve a wood hole for mehanism. Or maybe fir/pine wood for body and oak for "table" (I think that is name of flat part where arrow is put)? It is too complicated to cut cow bone for "table". I think like Ishi. If nut will be made of plastic it will have small momentum of inertia because it will have small mass. (I hate english tensis. What is future pasive? (this is retoriq question)) I don't know what to say anymore. I will try to put it all together with dimension and hope that somebody else will try "medicine" before me :P !!!
  10. The last picture is recicled so it is not shown autoblocking nut. In this picture is front view of nut. It have this shape because it is easier to make it on lathe (machine for making round cross section and much more).
  11. When I finished previous picture I realise that maybe is good to use leaf spring to slow down nut. So you use autoblocking nut with this spring and voila you have a very silent crossbow. Maybe. :bhaoui..:
  12. I have idea. AUTOBLOCKING NUT WITHOUT BANG!!! The idea is very simple. The main problem now is mass of nut. If mass is too big it will block. If mass is small tre bien!!!
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